Welcome to the new loyalty program from ContactCenterWorld!

We value your support and, to show our appreciation have enrolled you and other members in a fantastic free loyalty program based on helping ContactCenterWorld grow.

There are 2 ways you can earn points:

1. By purchasing products and services from us

2. By contributing content and/or helping us grow our membership through referrals 

You are auto-enrolled and can see your points grow as you become more active. You can even transfer points to a central contact at your company and 'pool' your points and redeem them as and when required.

We have a number of great rewards you can redeem points for and will add more as the program develops.

Please take a look at the program and get involved, or continue your involvement and earn points.

Thanks in advance for your support. Feel free to let me know of any questions or suggestions you may have at any time

Raj Wadhwani



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